Congo Safaris

Gorilla Trekking Safari in Congo

Gorilla Safaris in Congo can be done within the Virunga National Park and Kahuzi-Biega for lowland gorilla trekking. The Virunga forest is part of the Virunga Gorilla Conservation Area covering also Rwanda and Uganda. The Virunga is the only mountain gorilla park in Congo situated along the Rwanda, Uganda borders.

Gorilla Groups available for tracking in Congo include;
– Kwitonda group – 8 visitors
– Mapua group – 8 visitors

– Rugendo group – 6 visitors

– Kabirizi group – 8 visitors
– Munyaga group – 6 visitors
– Huba group – 8 visitors

Saftey Note:
Visiting gorillas in Democratic Republic Republic of Congo is very safe and conducted in a very organized way. We have had several clients who have successfully tracked there and enjoyed their trip